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International Profile

Globally recognized top-level research and a history rich in tradition shape the image of the University of Bonn, which was founded in 1818 and is today a?modern research university with an international impact. Internationally focused research, studies and teaching have always been part of the University of Bonn’s self-concept. Due to its excellent international reputation, the university has an?extensive international network, and cooperates with renowned partners around the world at every level – from research, studies and teaching to administration. The University of Bonn is not only an extremely attractive place to do research and teach, but also has a?unique location advantage in Germany. The international Federal City of Bonn and the surrounding region are home to a large number of scientific institutions, research funding organizations, UN agencies and other institutions that operate internationally. The University of Bonn’s regional roots and networks offer a?gateway to the world?that strengthens the university’s international network in a sustainable manner.

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