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Researchers from the Universities of Bonn and Zurich investigated the 100-year development in the canton of Zurich (Apr 24, 2020)
University of Bonn: Structure of biocatalysts depends on whether they are in cells or in the test tube (Apr 24, 2020)
Chemists from the University of Bonn and the USA use inexpensive and non-hazardous titanium (Apr 20, 2020)
In the fight against COVID-19, research institutions around the globe are joining forces. (Apr 20, 2020)
Economists from the University of Bonn and IZA analyze data on 5,500 employees (Apr 17, 2020)
Researchers at the University of Bonn decode the function of the long-neglected immune sensor TLR8 (Apr 14, 2020)
Study by the Universities of Bonn and Harvard questions a fundamental principle of cosmology (Apr 08, 2020)