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Start-ups at the University of Bonn

Numerous patents and many start-ups have emerged from the University of Bonn, among others Rigontec GmbH and IFM Inc. Both arose from the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation. These companies are developing therapeutic solutions based on the scientific results from research within the cluster. Both companies have been commercially very successful.

Computer science is another active start-up field, which we systematically develop as part of the Digital Hub AG.

The firm WeGrow, founded in 2009 as a spin-off from our research in sustainable resources, has enabled the commercial cultivation of the Kiri tree in Germany, contributing significantly to the future of the sustainable production of wood.?


Start-ups and spin offs from the University of Bonn

Escarda Technologies

Escarda Technologies 600px.jpg? ??


Pheno-Inspect GmbH


clickmer systems i.G.?

CMS Logo schwarz_600px.jpg


Digital Hub Region Bonn?



Code Intelligence GmbH?

Logo_code Intelligence_600px.jpg? ?


Rigontec GmbH



life & brain GmbH



WeGrow GmbH?


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